What Is an 8283 IRS Non-Cash Donation Form

Irs Tax Deduction

According to the IRS:
Who Must File
You must file Form 8283 if the amount of your deduction for all noncash gifts is more than $500.
What is an 8283 form and do I need one to receive credit for my donation?
According the IRS, a person, or persons filing jointly, will use form 8283 to report information about non-cash charitable contributions. Scratching your head yet? The IRS just wants to make clear that an 8283 form should be used to report all donations you have made to charity, except donations of cash, credit card or check. If you have made donations of cash credit card or check, the IRS will still give you credit for them, but they would like you to use a different form.
An 8283 form would be used to receive a tax deduction for items like a boat donation, a car donation, or even household items you have donated to charity. If you have a current appraisal for your boat donation you should already have an 8283 IRS Non-Cash donation form in hand. Donate a boat, sailboat, jet ski or any other type of watercraft through us and if it is required (over the minimum $500 donation amount required by the IRS ) we will send you an 8283 form with all our pertinent information already completed! Did your appraiser forget to give you your 8283 form? Don’t worry we can help! When you make a boat donation with us we make sure you have all necessary forms including an 8283 form and if necessary a 1098C IRS donation form as well. Call today to learn more and to find out just how hassle free boat donation is with us!

Download 8283 IRS Non-Cash Donation Form
1) Download your IRS form 8283 here. If you have a donation of a boat, sailboat, yacht or any other type of watercraft worth $5000 or more you will need this form along with your 1098C and the donation receipt we gave you on the day of donation (or will give you on the day of donation if you have not donated yet). An 8283 form can lock in extended tax deduction value and savings eligibility well over the $5000 threshold. Download your form from our link, directly from the IRS or wait for your copy in the mail from us!

2) Do you need this 8283 IRS form for an appraisal? Download an 8283 form from our link and give it directly to your appraiser so they can fill out all appropriate sections. A full appraised value tax deduction can lock in thousands in federal savings for you! Have questions? Give us a call! We are here seven days a week to help you learn more about full appraised value tax deduction and full appraised value boat donation with us!