Charity Vehicle Donation FAQWe collected the most frequently asked car donation questions below, enjoy!!

  • What exactly is a car donation?

    A car donation is the process of making a gift to charity of a vehicle. A car donation can be a junk car that does not run, a big dually truck in perfect condition, or a daily driver vehicle that has just broken down or is no longer in tip top shape. Car donations can be used, after repairs from an organization like us, by families in need, organizations like churches and nonprofits and even rescue programs.

  • Where do the proceeds from my boat donation go and why donate to

    Once you decide to donate a car, donate a truck or even donate your motorhome or motorcycle to charity, you’ll be locking in a gift for someone in need. Your car donation could be 100% repaired by us and then given to a family in need of transportation, a church or nonprofit looking to expand their services or replace a vehicle that is no longer running, or even a rescue organization like a local fire department or police task force. Your car donation may also be better served as proceeds for our great causes and some of the wonderful organizations we support. You can even let us know what type of organization you would like to gift the proceeds of your car donation to! is part of the Giving Central Network which has provided charitable services like car donations and truck donations for over 10 years with a 100% success record for tax deductions with the IRS. We provide all services necessary to make a complete car donation for each of our donors who wish to give back to charity. If you’re ready to give a car all you have to do is pick up the phone or fill out our online form. We will take care of everything else ensuring a free and clear title transfer and a 100% complete donation to charity. Take the guesswork out of donation and give confidently through our professional teams.

  • What is a tax deduction for car donation?

    Through the use of the IRS compliant donation forms that we provide you’ll be eligible for a tax deduction from the IRS based directly on the fair market value of your car donation, truck donation or other type of vehicle donation to charity. This means that you’ll be eligible for federal tax savings based directly on the market value of your donation. Give a vehicle worth $1000 and you can receive a $1000 tax deduction. Donate a car worth $10,000 and, well…… you get the picture. A car donation can be extremely beneficial for you the donor if you’re expecting to owe federal taxes this year.

  • What does "maximum tax deduction" mean and what else do you offer besides a tax deduction?

    Maximum tax deduction means that we've exhausted all logical efforts to improve upon and then achieve the highest market value for your vehicle. We appreciate your generosity and go the extra mile to refurbish those vehicles that warrant repairs. Our extra elbow grease means top dollar for you when tax time comes!

  • What tax forms will I receive for my car donation?

    On the day of donation we will hand you an IRS compliant donation form which is yours to keep and proof of your car donation to charity. It will contain all of our information and everything you need to receive a full federal tax deduction. We go the extra step and follow-up with a 1098C IRS approved donation tax form completed by our professional staff. This donation form will help further lock-in your eligibility for a full fair market value tax deduction with the IRS and will help guarantee that you receive the highest possible federal tax deduction available for your car donation. If necessary we will also provide an 8283 IRS donation form along with your 1098C form. Like we said before, we take care of everything when it comes to car donation!

  • What is a 1098C IRS donation form

    A 1098C IRS donation form is required for all donors who wish to receive a federal tax deduction for their vehicle donation. If you donate a car, donate a truck, donate a motorhome or even an aircraft you’ll need this form. Any type of vehicle that you donate requires a 1098C IRS form to be sent to the IRS if you wish to receive federal savings. Most charities won’t offer this form for you, but we guarantee to provide your 1098C IRS donation form each and every time you give!

  • What form do I receive on the day of pickup and How long until I receive my final donation forms?

    When our transport teams come out to your location they will provide you an IRS compliant donation form. See above “what tax forms will I receive for my car donation” for further information. This same day donation form is yours to keep. Think of this form as your receipt for car donation. You will receive your 1098C IRS compliant donation tax form just a few short weeks after your donation. Our teams complete all necessary parts of your 1098C form so you can use it as a reference and the guide for your end of year tax savings. Maximize your federal tax savings with this form. Guarantee you have this form every time you donate by donating with us.

  • Will these donation forms be accepted by the IRS?

    At we use 100% IRS compliant donation forms; with many of our forms being provided directly from the IRS resources. We also make sure that All of our forms are updated each year to meet all new IRS guidelines. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all IRS donation forms a properly completed for our donors and at the standard of the IRS’s current requirements.

  • What is the first step to make car donation to charity through

    When you’re ready to make a car donation to charity all you have to do is pick up the phone and contact one of our helpful team members. You can also reach us through our live chat or by filling out our contact form at the link found here. These three methods are fast, secure and 100% hassle free. In fact, we are the fastest way to make a car donation. Donate with us in as little as five minutes over the phone today!

  • Do you pick up car donations in all 50 states?

    Yes! We accept car donations in all 50 states and have the largest transport network for vehicle donations. Often, other charities will turn to us to assist them with a car donation that they do not have the resources to transport. We are available seven days a week to provide fast friendly transport services of your next car donation, truck donation or other type of vehicle donation to charity.

  • How do I transfer my title once I donate a car through

    We take care of it for you. We help each of our donors properly complete all title transfer paperwork. We make sure all registration is transferred over in a timely manner and we are experts at local and state law when it comes to the transfer of cars, trucks, large equipment and even aircraft and large watercraft. We can handle any type of title transfer for donation to charity and we are ready to help you make a hassle free donation once you’re ready.

  • Do I need a title and registration to donate a car to charity?

    In most cases know you don’t. If your state requires a title to transfer a donated vehicle we will work with your state to make sure all paperwork is transferred properly and in accordance with state and local laws and procedures. We are experts in all 50 state title transfers with thousands of donations under our belt. When you’re ready to give back we can guarantee a free & clear transfer of your car donation to charity. All you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call. We take care of all the hard stuff.

  • My car donation was denied by another organization. Do you accept all car donations?

    We do our best to accept all car donations. In most cases we are able to accept car donations whether they run or not and even if they are in pieces. If you have a car donation that has been denied by another organization don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are happy to help. With the largest car donation/vehicle donation transport network in the nation we are able to reach car donations when other organizations have said no.

  • What if my car does not run, do you accept car donations running or not?

    We accept car donations in almost any condition. Donate a Ford focus that no longer runs, a Toyota Corolla that has a blown head gasket or a Chevy truck that is missing all four wheels. We accept car donations throughout the country and have flat beds big and small to accommodate car donations in any condition. Whether your car donation runs or not we can help transform it into a gift for charity and tax proceeds for you!

  • Can I donate a vehicle that is not in my name?

    In most cases yes you can. Although it is always good to check with local, state and federal laws before donating to make sure you are eligible for a tax deduction, you can donate with us even if your name is not on the title. Pick up the phone, give us a call and let us know your situation. We will work with you to help get that old car donation out of your hair and into the hands of someone in need.

  • What if I only have an engine or part of a car to donate; can I still donate?

    Sure you can. Let us know you have to give. We pick up engines, car parts and even vehicles that are in pieces. If you have an engine that is in working order but is missing the rest of its car you can still receive federal tax savings with our help. Have a few car parts off an old classic Oldsmobile, Chevy or Ford? Donate them and still receive potentially thousands in federal tax savings. You can donate all types of vehicles and vehicle parts to charity.

  • Do you accept large vehicle donations like motorhomes, tractor-trailers etc.?

    We accept motorhome donations of all sizes makes and models, tractor-trailers, heavy equipment donations, big rigs and heavy haul vehicles and even aircraft donations! If you have a large vehicle donation give us a call! We can handle transportation and process all donation paperwork; including title transfer with the state federal government.

  • I have a classic car donation do you accept classic cars?

    We most certainly do! We accept all types of classic car donations. From an old 1939 Packard to a 1980s Corvette and everything in between we have handled thousands of classic car donations for prudent donors who wish to give back and who wish to maximize their return in federal tax savings. If you would like to receive full appraised value for your next classic car donation give us a call! We are specialists in classic car donation and we are ready to help you make a classic car donation today.

  • Can I receive full appraised value for my classic car donation?

    Yes! We are one of the few charitable organizations with the resources to handle full appraised value classic car donations, classic truck donations or any type of vehicle donation that you the donor would like to receive full appraised value for. Through our professional team and extensive donation network we can help you maximize the full appraised value of your classic car donation bringing you potentially thousands in federal savings! Call today to learn more.

  • What happens to my car donation once I give it to you?

    We turn car donations into usable vehicles and reliable transportation for families in need, churches, nonprofits, rescue organizations like police and fire groups and many other community programs looking to expand their services or give hope to people getting back on their feet. We also transform unusable vehicles into proceeds for some great causes. We support thousands of organizations around the world and can only continue to do so with the support of your car donation gift.

  • Do you really put cars back out on the road for people in need?

    Yes we do! We probably put more cars back on the road than any other charitable organization. We provide transportation and a reliable means to get to work, transport kids to school and improve the services of fire rescue groups and search and salvage organizations all over the world. With our professional teams we are able to repair vehicle donations of all types making them usable again. Transportation can mean so much for a family who is trying to get back on their feet. If your vehicle is in need of repair but could turn out to be a wonderful vehicle for someone in need, donate it and watch it be put back to use,……. after a little elbow grease from us!

  • Can you pick up my car donation on the side of the highway?

    We can pick up your car donation from anywhere that it is located. While most car donations take a few days to complete we do provide same-day service when needed. If you have a car that has just died on you today and you would like to give it to charity, give us a call. Don’t worry if other charitable organizations have turned you down. We can offer same-day service which will help you avoid tow bills and impound fees that come with vehicles left on the highway.

  • How can my rescue organization receive a donated vehicle?

    If you would like to receive a donated vehicle, personal watercraft for search and rescue or even a boat, helicopter or airplane please complete our form found at the link here. You will be automatically added to our list of recipients and when a donation comes up that meets your criteria we will do our best to make the match.

  • I am in need of a vehicle. How do I sign up to receive a donated vehicle from

    If you, your family or friend needs a vehicle to get to work, school or just back on their feet let us know. To be considered for a donated vehicle you’ll need to complete our form here. This online form is secure and allows us to help match you with a vehicle in your area. We provide reliable vehicles to people, who are trying to improve their life, find a job or even go back to school.  We also provide refurbished, D.O.T. certified donation vehicles to churches, nonprofits and all types of community programs.

  • How can I help through car donation?

    Pick up the phone and give us a call or complete a donation form. The donation of your car, truck or other type of vehicle can mean thousands in proceeds and support for charitable causes around the world. It could mean a second chance for a family in need. It could be the new rescue vehicle that saves lives and expands programs in a community near you. A car donation is one of the best ways to give back to charity and when you’re ready we are here to help.

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