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Online Car Donation Testimonials

  • "We were ready to get rid of our old motorhome. It was time! I wouldn’t have thought to donate; I didn’t even know charities accepted motor home donations, but a neighbor suggested it so I figured I’d try it out. The first two charities I called couldn’t help me. They didn’t even accept motor home donations! The third charity I called was OnlineCarDonation.com. I spoke with a woman who took all of my information needed to donate. And then she said.. ‘That’s it!’ They came out a few days later picked up my motorhome and even helped me transfer title paperwork!"

    Marcy - California

  • "OnlineCarDonation.com came out to our business and picked up all three of our fleet vans. They picked them up for free; even all the way down here in Homestead Florida! Gave me all donation paperwork onsite and even took the van we lost the title for. I can’t say enough about these guys. Great service and a great bunch of guys who came out to represent the charity…….. I donated last year too; two motorcycles from my personal home and they were just as fast and friendly then!"

    Mark - Florida

  • "If you want full value for your car these are the guys! They worked to make repairs on my 71’ barracuda at zero cost to me! I was then able to deduct the full appraised value on my taxes! They used the car to raise funds for their programs and even allowed me to give a portion of the proceeds to Wounded Warriors charity! I was able to see my car reach full showroom value once again! I am really thankful to have found onlinecardonation.com. My 67’ could be the next one I give! A great charity for classic car donation."

    Alton - Kansas

  • "Up here, when winter hits, it is no time to be playing around with a boat donation. I called onlinecardonation.com late in the season; crossing my fingers that they would still be able to help with my boat donation. They not only helped me donate my boat before winter, they came out just a day after I called to make sure the boat was moved and the donation was complete before the marina closed for winter. It was a huge load off our backs! Thanks again guys!"

    Jodi - Michigan

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