Donate Airplane Alabama - Much easier than selling! Aircraft donations. Donate Alabama aircraft - fair market value tax deduction plus free removal anywhere in the state! Donate aircraft to charity today!

Alabama aircraft charity donation accepts Aircraft throughout Alabama. We accept donations of fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, jets, certified, experimental, ultralights, aircraft kits, parts, as well as tools. Some donations will be put into daily service for search and rescue programs, other aircraft donations will be sold with the proceeds going direct to your favorite cause. Our 501 (c)3 charity is IRS certified and fully capable of handling your Alabama aircraft donation whether it is airworthy or not. We have pilots who can fly your donation out and transport teams nationwide who can transport your aircraft from anywhere in the state! Call today to learn more or click here to fill out our inquiry form.

Alabama aircraft donation gives you the opportunity to receive a very large tax deduction. In many cases you may be able to write off the full appraised value of your Alabama aircraft. All Alabama aircraft donations are eligible for a full fair market value deduction for the donor. This federal tax deduction can offset up to five consecutive years of taxes owed. If your Alabama aircraft donation qualifies, which many do, you may be able to write off the full appraised value as long as you have a certified appraisal. Be sure to ask your team member if you qualify for the full appraised value as a tax deduction. This may be thousands in additional tax dollars for you. Your team member can let you know if you qualify right over the phone, by calling toll free 1-888-228-7320!

Alabama aircraft that are in running condition, or just need a bit of TLC to become airworthy, have the potential to be put back into service. Putting your aircraft back into service would mean you will be able to receive the full appraised value for your donation. While most charities fire sell your aircraft for pennies on the dollar, works to secure you the highest possible tax deduction allowed by the IRS.

We are able to come out and pick up your aircraft wherever it is located, even if it is in pieces.

Fast and free pickup, the ability to fly out airworthy aircraft donations, plus the guarantee to handle all FAA paperwork while providing each donor a complete charitable contribution form would already be above and beyond for most charitable organizations, but we don’t stop there. You also have the opportunity to receive partial cash for certain Alabama aircraft donations that qualify. These additional options provide you with the biggest return benefit package of any charitable organization when it comes to aircraft donation. We are here to offer you five star service and we guarantee to maximize your federal tax deduction to the highest allowed amount by the IRS. Contact a team member today or click here to fill out our Alabama aircraft donation form when you are ready to begin. A donation can happen in usually less than a week. And remember, Alabama aircraft donation is 100% free to you.

Donate Alabama Aircraft today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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