Donate Airplane Hawaii - Much easier than selling! Aircraft donations. Donate Hawaii aircraft - fair market value tax deduction plus free removal anywhere in the state! Donate aircraft to charity today!

Hawaii aircraft charity donation

Hawaii is a spectacular place. When visited from the air, it is even more amazing. For tourists, there are plenty of helicopter tours that offer a unique way to experience the islands. If you’re lucky enough to live in Hawaii and own your own an aircraft or helicopter, than you’ve experienced breathtaking views that most of us will only ever imagine. If there comes a time where you are looking to upgrade, or just clear out some space and eliminate limit storage fees for your aircraft, think about donation. A Hawaii aircraft donation can provide tens of thousands of dollars for your favorite charity while in return giving you an IRS tax deduction in the same amount. accepts donations of fixed wing airplanes, helicopters, jets, certified, experimental, ultralights, aircraft kits, parts, and even tools.

Your donation may be refurbished and put back to use to further charitable causes around the United States, or the proceeds may be given to your favorite cause through our IRS certified nonprofit. is authorized by the IRS to offer each Hawaii aircraft donor the maximum allowed tax deduction benefit for each donation they make. Contact the team member today to learn all the advantages to selling that Hawaii aircraft donation can offer. Call us today at 1-888-228-7320.

Remember, even corporations can receive a tax deduction when they give to charity. Whether you are a Corporation or an individual, aircraft donation could be the best alternative to selling. Selling is great, but in this market you will often have to lower your expectations quite a lot. With donation you receive full fair market value, no questions asked, as a tax deduction for this year and up to five consecutive years. If you are going to owe federal taxes, this can be fantastic because now you can offset those taxes with your aircraft donation.

In certain cases when you donate with us, you may be able to receive the full appraised value for your Hawaii aircraft donation. This offer is exclusive to our donors because other charities are not willing to adhere to the strict IRS guidelines that must be followed to ensure that you receive full appraised value for your Hawaii aircraft donation. We are willing to go the extra mile wherever possible, to guarantee that every dollar is maximized when it comes to your aircraft donation. We want to benefit your favorite charitable cause and you, in every way possible.

Each of our donors will be provided fast free pickup usually in under a week, for every Hawaii aircraft they donate. The donation process has been streamlined over the years so that you are provided a contribution form instantly, the same day we come out to pick up your donation. We also promise to handle all FAA paperwork and ensure that the donation is completed 100%, which will alleviate you of any further registration, storage and yearly tax responsibilities. We are here to make your Hawaii aircraft donation as easy as possible, and even a bit fun. Donate aircraft today with us at with just one toll free call at 888-228-7320. Prefer e-mail? Click here to fill out our Hawaii aircraft donation form. It is a secure form and there is no obligation to donate. We are here to help when you are ready to make a positive impact for your favorite charity.

Donate Hawaii Aircraft today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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