Donate Airplane Oregon - Much easier than selling! Aircraft donations. Donate Oregon aircraft - fair market value tax deduction plus free removal anywhere in the state! Donate aircraft to charity today!

Oregon aircraft charity donation

Hello Oregon aircraft owners! Owning an aircraft is a great achievement, but also expensive. has a unique opportunity for aircraft owners in and around Oregon. If you donate your Oregon aircraft, we will offer a full fair market value tax deduction! We also provide on-site completion of the FAA and state registration paperwork, and 100% free licensed and insured transport for each of our donors. We also provide an on-site contribution form at the time of transfer, ensuring your full fair market value tax deduction! If you're an Oregon resident and own an aircraft that is past its prime, or just needs to be moved to reduce storage costs, let us know. We are here to help each Oregon aircraft owner make a complete donation to charity and transform their generosity to the goods and services their favorite cause needs to survive.

Professional Transportation Free Of Charge for Oregon Aircraft Donation

Each one of our team members are licensed and insured to transport aircraft throughout Oregon. We also have pilots who are ready to fly out your aircraft, if it is more cost-effective and if your aircraft is airworthy. When our representative comes to your location, they will explain the entire process and provide you a contribution form, making you eligible for a full fair market value tax deduction. We will also help complete all FAA and state registration paperwork to ensure a complete free and clear aircraft donation. Once we transform your donation and proceeds needed to support our great charity or your favorite cause (you get to pick the cause you donate to through our great charity), we will provide full 1098C and 8283 IRS approved tax deduction receipts. These two forms will drastically speed up your tax filing process. All of our services are 100% free to you the donor. Call today toll free at 888-228-7320 to learn more, or click here if you are ready to complete our online aircraft donation form.

Tax deduction and possibly more! is always looking for new ways to maximize your tax deduction potential. We offer programs that allow certain qualified Oregon aircraft donations to receive the full appraised value rather than market value for their donor. We also offer restoration and complete overhaul programs to increase the value of an otherwise broken aircraft. If your donation qualifies you may reap thousands more than originally thought for your tax deduction. And with extensive high-end auction and charity raffle networks, your fully restored aircraft could go for 4 to 5 times the original market value! All of these services are exclusive to our donors. Contact an Oregon aircraft donation team member today or click here to fill out our contact form to learn all of the current benefits and advantages available to you.!

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