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Tennessee is a wonderful state and a great year after year supporter of and our charity! Aircraft donation in and around Tennessee is a growing trend that many are finding to be very beneficial to their bottom line. As the owner of an aircraft, you know the ins and outs of maintenance and storage. It is often said that aircraft ownership is a double-edged sword. It is enormously fun to own and offers great liberties to see the world, but it can be rather expensive to maintain year-round and store for the off-season. If you ever find that maintenance and storage are too much, or if you are not able to enjoy your aircraft as much as you'd like for whatever reason, please consider aircraft donation with It's a great way to give back and can produce thousands of dollars as a tax deduction for you. If you're a Tennessee resident that owns an aircraft and would like to make a difference, is your professional solution. Call us toll free seven days a week at 888-228-7320 to get started.

A tax deduction with most a maximum tax deduction with!

It is true that every aircraft donation to charity will give its owner the eligibility to write off the full fair market value of that aircraft. This is true with any 501(c)(3) or other IRS qualified charity that you donate to. When you give with, we can provide in many cases, the full appraised value for your aircraft donation. The reason we are able to offer this higher value is because we are willing to guarantee select aircraft donations and their owners that we will hold onto your donation for the minimum required three year term. Most nonprofits are not willing to take this extra step to provide their donors full appraised value, but is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit, and is fully eligible and willing to make this commitment. Contact a team member today at 888-228-7320 to learn more and to learn over the phone if your donation qualifies!

No Hassle Just One Call To A Professional Team Member Will Begin Your Entire Donation Process!

Many donation services will take weeks to pick up your aircraft donation. can have your aircraft donation transported or flown out of its location in as little as a week in most cases. For the fastest service, you'll want to give our team members a call today and we will begin the process of donation immediately. You can also fill out our contact form by clicking the image to the left. A team member will contact you within 2 to 3 business days to schedule a transfer time for your aircraft. Whichever method you prefer, we will always provide top-notch customer service throughout your entire donation. Our team members in the field are licensed and insured to transport aircraft throughout all 50 states so you can rest easy knowing we will help you make a complete free and clear transfer start to finish. Our on-site team member will even complete all FAA and state registration paperwork for you to eliminate any hassle and headache. And of course, you'll be provided an on-site contribution form which will make you instantly eligible for a full fair market value deduction or appraised value deduction if prearranged. Call today to learn more or click here to fill out our Tennessee aircraft donation form. It's fast and easy and as always we protect all of your online information and never give it out to a third party. We respect your e-mail privacy!

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