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Washington aircraft charity donation

There are thousands of aircraft enthusiasts and hobbyists throughout Washington, and we hope you are one of them. You have obviously worked very hard in life and have earned yourself and aircraft to enjoy throughout Washington and possibly further. Once that aircraft passes its prime, or is no longer something you are able to enjoy, please consider donation with Washington aircraft donation is a fantastic way to make a difference for charity. You can receive thousands of dollars, and upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars, for your Washington aircraft plus enjoy a 100% free donation. If you are interested in learning more about Washington aircraft donation please do not hesitate to give us a call. We are not a call center. We are professional team members who are ready to answer your questions and handle your entire donation start to finish in a timely manner. Often you can donate in under a week! Find out more by calling today or clicking here.

Washington Aircraft Donation Tax-Deductible

We guarantee to offer the largest possible tax deduction every time you donate with us! Beyond fast free service, we are always trying to maximize the benefits to you the donor. We have tax deduction benefit programs for qualified aircraft donations such as our full appraised value donation program which allows select donors the opportunity to write off the full appraised value of their aircraft donation. The IRS requires that a charity must hold your donation for a minimum three-year term or re-donate and or use your aircraft for everyday use to make you eligible for a full appraised value deduction in lieu of the original market value deduction that would otherwise be offered. While we are not a charity that will reuse and aircraft we are often asked by rescue organizations and organ donation charities for aircraft in good working order. We will commit to either hold your donation for the minimum three-year term, or re-gift it to a charity in great need of a working airplane which will instantly qualify you for this full appraised value tax deduction increase. We may even make repairs to an aircraft before re-gifting it! Call today to find out if one of these great options is available to you plus other great programs designed to increase your market value for each Washington aircraft to give to charity.

When you're ready to make a considerable positive impact for your favorite charity, or directly to our 501(c)(3) certified nonprofit, give us a call at 888-228-7320. Our professional team members are standing by to help you schedule a donation that fits your timeframe and your life! We are here to provide quality service to our donors and have been serving your community and the entire state of Washington for over 10 years.

Donate Washington Aircraft today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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