Donate Boat Maine - Much easier than selling! Charity Boat donations. Donate Maine Boat - fair market value tax deduction plus free hauling anywhere in the state! Donate boat to charity today!

Maine Boat donation charity

Call toll-free 1.888.888.7187 and learn how can turn your old, unused boat into a valued Maine boat donation. Your donation may mean thousands of dollars for local Maine charities and significant federal income tax deduction benefits for you!

With, you can take your unused Maine boat, with or without a trailer, and turn it into charitable donations. You can donate your Maine boat from anywhere in the state, with statewide, seven-day-a-week service for your Maine boat donation. You can contact us today by phone, or click here for our convenient contact form.

We can help you increase the fair market value of your Maine boat donation by repairing or restoring the wood panels, wood siding, fiberglass siding, or other pieces in desperate need of repair. This will increase the fair market value and your federal income tax deduction. Call today to see how much you can receive for your Maine boat donation, in federal income tax deduction benefits and potentially a free vacation, courtesy of

We have trained and insured transport teams available across Maine, and ready to pickup your Maine boat donation. We have taken care of thousands of boat donations across the state and can handle all manner of boats, including oversized boats, small boats, boats with or without trailers. In some cases we can even make repairs to your Maine boat donation and ensure a maximum market value for your Maine boat donation.

If you contribute Maine boat donations worth more than $500, you can earn a free vacation offer that can see you in the Bahamas. We offer this in addition to your federal income tax deduction benefits, so the combined value to you may exceed the market value of your Maine boat donation! Call us today to learn more about this exciting offer.

Our free, seven-day-a-week service will process your Maine boat donation fast and free with a single five minute phone call, so contact us today. What an amazing way for you to give back to Maine charities and provide potentially thousands of dollars in much needed funds for community programs across the state. We look forward to hearing from you.

Donate Maine Boat today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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