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    With you can donate a car from anywhere in Arizona 100% free of charge directly to our beneficiaries and the charity or community cause of your choice! Make a Phoenix car donation, a Tucson car donation and a Lake Havasu City car donation. Donate any type of car today with just five minutes over the phone through one of our helpful volunteers at 1-888-228-7187. Trying to sell a car can take months and still may never grant the full market value that you were once trying to achieve. Allowing it to rust in your backyard or take more money out of your pocket for storage fees is not the way to go either. Donate your Arizona car today hassle-free, and give back to charity while putting second life into your car! It’s a wonderful alternative to months of hassling with potential buyers. Call today to complete your donation or to learn more.

    Would you prefer to make an Arizona car donation through our online form? Make a secure donation through our online Arizona car form by clicking here. The form allows you to submit a question or your entire car donation Arizona. A volunteer will contact you back shortly after you complete the form.

    Do you have an appraisal for your Arizona car?
    If you have a car donation that is worth a significant dollar amount it is a good idea to get an appraisal ahead of time. If you already have an appraisal you are ready to lock in the highest possible tax deduction allowed by the IRS. A full appraised value tax deduction can provide thousands and in some cases much more in federal tax deduction savings for you the donor. In turn it also puts thousands directly to charity and our beneficiaries. Want to learn more about full appraised value tax deduction for your next Scottsdale car donation, Yuma car donation or Flagstaff car donation? Call today at 1-888-228-7187. Our volunteers are happy to help and ready to answer all of your Arizona car donation questions.

    On top of federal tax savings and the possibility for a top tier full appraised value tax deduction you can look forward to a free vacation offer from us for each donation you make worth $500 or more! All you have to do is give us a call and donate your car from anywhere in Arizona before the end of the year and, as long as it meets our minimum requirement you’ll receive a free vacation offer from us along with your final donation receipts; which will also be prepared by us free of charge! Call today to find out more or click the form link above to begin the donation process online.

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