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    Charitable car donations Florida - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    Don’t worry about what other charitable organizations already told you. With us you are able to donate any type of car to charity free of charge from anywhere in the state of Florida. Spend five minutes today over the phone with one of our helpful volunteers or by clicking here and filling out our online Florida car donation form. Lock in your donation details and secure potentially thousands in federal tax deduction savings all while providing proceeds and support for your favorite charitable causes and our beneficiaries; some of which are community programs and charitable organizations right in your area! If you are looking for a fantastic way to give a car to charity while also realizing full fair market value tax deduction savings consider giving your car with us. Call today toll-free to learn more at 1-888-228-7187. We are ready when you are to help you lock in thousands in federal tax savings directly based on the federal fair market value of your Florida car donation.

    Do you have an appraisal for your Florida car donation? Full appraised value can be realized with us!
    If you have an appraisal that is current for your Florida car you can receive full appraised value when you decide to donate with us. If you would like to receive an appraisal for your car prior to donation please let us know and we will put you in touch with an appraiser in your area. Call anytime seven days a week to learn more about full appraised value car donation through Florida car donation with us!

    Each time you give with us you’ll receive more than federal tax savings! | Free vacation for your car donation Florida
    You can receive a full fair market value tax deduction and a free vacation offer from us each time you give a car to charity. Donate your car today or anytime before the end of the year and as long as it is worth $500 or more you’ll receive a free vacation offer directly from us! Call today to find out more about these vacation offers and the amazing donation package we provide each of our donors who gives a car donation in Florida worth $500 or more!
    Your car donation in Florida can provide thousands in support and services for wonderful charitable programs right in your community. If you are looking for an amazing way to give back or just need a car removed quickly for free give us a call. We are here seven days a week to help you give back through Florida car donation!

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