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    Charitable car donations Nevada - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    Now it is easier than ever to make a Nevada car donation to charity. Make a Las Vegas car donation, a Henderson car donation, a Reno Nevada car donation or even a Sparks Nevada car donation all free of charge with us! You can donate all types of cars from EZ loader trailers, to Eagle trailers and even custom sail cars. We transform these car donations into proceeds for charity and provide you tax savings based directly on the fair market value, or if you have an appraisal, full appraised value of your car. Want to learn more? Call today at 1-888-228-7187 to speak with one of our volunteer staff. Learn all there is to know about car donation including all the advantages and benefits that come along with it! When you are ready to give back you can do so in less than five minutes over the phone.

    You can also make a donation online securely through our online Nevada car donation form by clicking here. Fill out the form and let our transport teams and staff take care of the rest!

    A free vacation on us for your next Nevada car donation
    Donate a car today worth $500 or more and we will send you out a free vacation offer along with your final tax documentation. Since we take care of all car transport and all donation forms necessary to complete a full car donation all you have to do is call to become instantly eligible for this vacation offer. Meet the minimum requirement and no questions asked, you’ll be instantly eligible for your Bahamas cruise or a three-day two night hotel stay; your choice! Call today to find out more!

    The chance for repairs and restoration of your car donation in Nevada
    Make a car donation in Nevada with us and we will review it top to bottom once our professional teams bring it in to our nearest location. In fact, we review each car donation that comes through our doors. We are looking for the potential to make repairs and possibly fully restore a car donation. Why? Repairs and restoration can drastically improve fair market value and never costs our donors a dime. It’s a great way for our beneficiaries and our donors to benefit with extended tax savings and further proceeds for the charity. Call today to see if your car donation could be our next restoration project!

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