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    At we’ve spent years working with donors and charities to build our car donations network into a streamlined service for car owners who wish to give back while also providing a secure fundraising opportunity for wonderful charitable programs throughout the world! We are number one for New Hampshire car donation; with the largest transport network in New Hampshire and the surrounding area we are sure to be able to help you with your next car gift to charity even if other charitable organizations have turned you down. If you’re interested in tax savings based directly on the fair market value of your car donation plus the chance for a free vacation offer from us, all while being able to give back to charity, and if you choose your favorite local charity, all free of charge with us just give us a call! Call anytime toll-free seven days a week at 1-888-228-7187. Our volunteers are standing by to help you make a five-minute New Hampshire car donation over the phone or if you prefer, submit your donation details here through our online New Hampshire car donation form and have one of our team members contact you back.

    Earn more for your New Hampshire car to nation with full appraised value tax deduction savings
    When you’re ready to give back we would like to help you reach the highest possible IRS tax value for your car donation. How do we do this? We help all qualified donors receive a full appraised value tax deduction instead of the normal fair market value tax deduction when possible. Often donors are not aware that they can receive the full appraised value of a car donation because other organizations have told them it is not possible. This is not true. It is possible and something the IRS recommends that you do, but very few charitable organizations are willing to go the extra step to help make this possible for their donors.

    We always go the extra step to help our donors receive the highest possible tax deduction savings for their New Hampshire car donations. If you would like to receive full appraised value for your next car donation in New Hampshire just let us know!

    The advantages of giving with us include the possibility for extended full appraised value tax savings, a free vacation offer for each car donation made over $500, plus fast friendly service through our professional teams. And don’t forget, we prepare all donation forms necessary for a free and clear car transfer each and every time you give! Call today to learn more about this unique way to give back to charity!

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