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    Do you have a car you are trying to get rid of that does not have a car to go along with it? Some strange reason this happens quite often. Car owners end up selling their car, but keep their trailer and down the road decide they no longer need the trailer or are no longer going to get a second car to go on top of it. If you have a car that is now become a permanent stay on the side of your house or in a storage unit which is costing you money each month, consider donation to charity. At we’ve helped thousands of donors produce millions for charity through car donation. If you live in New Jersey we provide fast free donation services throughout the state; picking up all types and makes a cars even those that are in bad shape and cannot be transported behind the truck! Give back today with one quick call to our helpful volunteers or, just give us a call to learn more at 1-888-228-7187.

    We are famous for our five-minute donation process, making things quick and easy for our donors when they choose to give. But don’t worry; we will stay with you throughout the entire donation process! We even guarantee to help you maximize your federal tax deduction savings every time you give a car to charity!

    Have an appraisal? Be sure to ask about increase savings through full appraised value car donation
    Donate with a full and current appraisal and you can receive full appraised value for your next New Jersey car donation. Let your volunteer know when you call to donate that you have an appraisal or would like to receive an appraisal prior to donation for your car. We can make arrangements to put you in touch with a car appraiser near you and make sure to file all proper paperwork with the IRS plus it here to all IRS guidelines required for full appraised value tax deduction eligibility.

    Very few charitable organizations will allow full appraised value tax deduction eligibility donations because of the extra legwork and paperwork they must complete. We are more than willing to help you receive full appraised value each time you give a qualified car donation!

    Ready to learn more? Are you ready to give back now? Call today at 1-888-228-7187 to speak with one of our caring volunteer staff. In as little as a week one of our professional transport team members can be at your door ready to pick up your car donation and hand you an on-site donation form! Call today to lock in federal tax deduction savings and the chance for a free vacation offer from us all for one quick donation of your car in New Jersey!

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