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    Charitable car donations New York - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    The time to give back is now! If you need free removal of a car in New York we are the best way and fastest way to make that happen! If you’re looking for a unique way to give back proceeds to charity or several charities all at once through car donation give us a call! At we’ve produced millions for charitable organizations and our beneficiaries through the help of car owners and car owners around New York and throughout the 50 states! If you would like to learn more about how you can lock in full market value for your car donation without trying to hassle with selling give us a call toll free at 1-888-228-7187. Our volunteers and professional team members are here seven days a week to help you through your donation and stay with you start to finish to ensure that we maximize your car donation tax deduction savings and proceeds; producing a win-win situation for everyone involved!

    Would you prefer to make a New York car donation online? Donate today through our secure online New York car donation form by clicking here. Fill out the form and a team member will contact you back shortly after to handle the rest of your donation or to answer any questions you may have.

    Have an appraisal for a New York car? Receive full appraised value with us!
    Very few charitable organizations offer full appraised value tax deduction eligibility for their car donors because of the extra paperwork and strict IRS guidelines that must be followed by the charity itself. We are experienced in full appraised value car donation and, as long as you have an appraisal in hand, would be more than happy to help you realize this extended tax deduction savings.

    Need an appraisal? If you’re interested in receiving full appraised value tax deduction savings for your New York car donation to charity with you have an appraisal or not give us a call. If necessary, we can put you in touch with an appraiser near you to guarantee receive a qualified appraisal for your next charitable car donation.
    There is no better time than now to give back a New York car to charity. With fast free car transport throughout New York in as little as a week with us plus customer service start to finish that is friendly and helpful, you can’t lose. Not to mention, the IRS is offering now more than ever in federal tax savings and if your donation meets our minimum $500 requirement we will top all of this off with a free vacation offer good for a Bahamas cruise or three-day tonight hotel stay! All in all, our donation services and tax deduction eligibility is a fantastic return once you decide to give a car donation to charity!

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