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    Charitable car donations Utah - Call toll free (888)-888-7187

    With us you have the opportunity to donate a car from anywhere in the state of Utah. Make a Salt Lake City Utah car donation, a Provo Utah car donation or a donation from Logan Utah all with us and all free of charge usually in as little as a week! It all starts with just five minutes over the phone to our helpful volunteers at 1-888-228-7187. Earn federal tax savings and a free vacation on us each time you give a qualified car donation in Utah. Call today to find out more or click here to fill out our online car donation form if you are ready to give now.

    We do more for our donors through full appraised value Utah car donation
    Unlike most charitable organizations we give our donors all that they deserve each time they give. Our donors and all car donors deserve to receive the highest possible fair market value tax deduction for their car donation. That is are free transport and the ability to make a free and clear Utah car donation to charity. With us you can accomplish all this with one 5 minute phone call. Speak with one of our volunteers and lock in amazing savings plus our guarantee to help you reach top fair market value!

    How do we help you reach full market value each time you give?
    We review each car donation that is generously donated to our organization. We look for repairs and restoration opportunities that we can provide our donors which may further increase their market value and tax savings. We also work with our donors to give them the option for a full appraised value tax deduction for their qualified car donation. A full appraised value tax deduction could mean thousands in appraised value tax savings. There are strict IRS rules when it comes to full appraised value tax deduction savings which we are experts at complying with. When you’re ready to give back and receive the highest possible market value give us a call!

    Charitable organizations in Utah and throughout the United States are providing wonderful services for individuals and families in need but can’t do so without the support and generosity car owners just like you. When you’re ready to receive free car transport throughout Utah even if you have been turned down before when trying to donate, plus the chance for a full fair market value tax deduction and a free vacation from us call today! We are ready to help you give back and truly make a difference for charity through Utah car donation.

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