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Do you have a classic car in Alabama? Maybe you have a barn full of gems just waiting to meet the public. Did you know that your Alabama classic car can go to help hundreds, if not thousands of kids, parents and families in need? If you have an Alabama classic car that’s collecting dust, or maybe even a classic car in perfect condition, learn more about Alabama classic car donation and how it can produce huge tax benefits for you while also offering other great incentives like a vacation, iPad giveaway, and in some cases partial cash given to the donor (exclusive to our Donors!).

We let you decide how you would like to donate, and how you would like to benefit community programs and great causes in your area. When you’re ready to donate your Alabama classic car or ready to learn more, please contact our customer service team anytime at 888-228-7320.

We hold your Alabama classic car donation for the minimum IRS required three-year term so that you can write off your full fair market value as determined by appraisal or other current method. There are many wonderful organizations that accept classic car donations throughout Alabama. Often though the problem donors face is that a charity is not willing to hang on to (until they are offered top Market/appraised value) their donation for the minimum IRS required three-year term. Click here for a helpful PDF from the IRS that explains this requirement.

The IRS requires that a charity hold on to a donation for a minimum of three years or until they receive full appraised value to ensure that the donor will be able to write off the appraised value. If the charity does not hang on to your Alabama classic car donation for the minimum three-year term, unless they receive a full appraised value offer buyer prior to that end date, you could lose thousands of dollars that you would have otherwise received as a tax deduction.

A tax deduction is great and you’re eligible for one every time you make an Alabama classic car donation. This tax deduction can offset federal taxes owed this year or over several consecutive years thereafter. If you’re not expecting to owe federal taxes there are other options like vacations and Bahamas cruise giveaways which most classic cars are eligible for. Our only pre-qualification is that your classic car donation has a market value over $500 at the time of donation. Meet this mark and you’ll receive a vacation or Bahamas cruise on us! We have partners that continue to offer great giveaways and package deals like this all year long, so don’t hesitate to call for our most current offers.

Need a little cash in hand? Your Alabama classic car donation in some cases can be eligible for a partial cash payment from us. We are willing to pay a portion of what the market value of your classic car may bring. The difference can be offered to you as a tax deduction. This combination offers flexibility for classic car donors who are not in need of thousands of dollars in tax deductions but would rather have some cash in hand. Contact one of our helpful Alabama classic car donation team members today. They will be happy to answer all of your questions and walk you through the entire process to make sure classic car donation is right for you. If you prefer e-mail contact you may click here to fill out our Alabama classic car donation form. There is no obligation to donate when you complete this form; it is just so that we can contact you back and know a little bit about your donation.

Donate Alabama Collector Car today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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