Donate Classic car Alaska - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Alaska classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Alaska classic car donation for

Did you know classic car donations from Alaska alone bring in thousands of dollars a year for charity? In fact, throughout the 50 states, classic cars brought in well over $1 million for charity last year alone! Our nonprofit offers several unique ways for every Alaska classic car owner interested in donation to capitalize greatly on this growing trend.

When you make an Alaska classic car donation with us, we can show you how to achieve the full appraised value of your classic car as a tax deduction (most cases). Most organizations will not commit to receiving the full appraised value for your Alaska classic car donation. Our charity is able to achieve for most classic cars, the entire appraised value because we are willing to hold on to your classic car donation for the minimum three-year term required by the IRS. The IRS requires that a charity try to achieve full appraised value for a minimum of three years. After that time, if the charity has successfully marketed, but not received a full appraised value offer, the donor may still write the full appraised value off on his or her taxes, but the charity is no longer required to achieve that amount. You don't have to wait the three years. We guarantee our process so you can realize the higher tax deduction this year! can even offer partial payments in cash of select classic cars. With free professional transport throughout Alaska you can ensure your classic car donation will be in good hands. Often times we can even offer restoration for classic cars that need a bit of TLC.

Want to possibly earn double or triple market value for your Alaska classic car donation?

To make sure you achieve the highest possible Market Value (with the potential being double or triple the appraised value in some cases) we also offer special raffles and auctions for certain select Alaska car donations. If you’re Alaska car donation is lucky to be selected for raffle or auction it may bring in several times market value. Most of the time, this means a much higher tax value and/or partial cash payment and tax deduction for you and your Alaska classic car donation.

Whether you have an Alaska classic car collecting dust in your barn or shed, or you have a daily driver that is top-notch, you may be able to realize an enormous tax deduction while helping thousands of individuals and your favorite charitable cause. Alaska classic car donation donors can receive a full fair market value tax deduction or a combination of partial cash payment and a full fair market value tax deduction, along with other great giveaways like vacation offers and even a Bahamas cruise. We feel we have developed the best package around for you and every other Alaska classic car owner considering classic car donation. Give back to your community by giving your Alaska classic car donation today!

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