Donate Classic car Arkansas - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Arkansas classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Arkansas classic car donation -

Arkansas is home to some great American classic cars. Some may not run, but each classic car reminds us of the days when American motors were the finest in the world! Did you know that, running or not, each classic car you own can offer more than memories? It can provide a second chance for people in need! An Arkansas classic car can also provide a tax deduction of the full fair market value. If you have a classic car with four flat tires and little life left, or a roaring hot rod that runs and drives, but you don’t want to sell, think about your favorite charity and how they might be able to use a classic car donation. Call today to learn all the exciting “perks” available to you for each Arkansas classic car donation to charity that you make!

Need a bit of “cash in hand”? We offer partial cash payment for quality Arkansas classic car donations made with us. If you would like to give your classic car donation, but need a minimum amount of money in hand to pay bills, we understand! Call toll free today at 888-228-7320 to see if your Arkansas classic car donation is eligible for this type of offer. We know you want to give! We will work with you to meet your needs and complete your classic car donation.

Have a showroom quality Arkansas classic car? Maybe a ‘68 charger or a ‘37 coupe that shines? When it is time to clear some space or just liquidate part of your collection, think about Arkansas classic car donation with Often times we can offer full appraised value for your donation because we are willing to meet all IRS requirements to make you eligible for the full appraised value of your classic car donation, anywhere in Arkansas. Call today for more details to learn how you can receive full fair market value as based on an appraisal to offset future federal taxes that you may otherwise owe.

Do you have an Arkansas classic car that is in pieces or needs some repair? We offer classic car restoration for qualified Arkansas classic car donations. Call today to learn whether or not your classic car will qualify for a restoration program. Remember each donation, regardless of condition, will be offered a full fair market value tax deduction, free pickup and other great incentives like a vacation or Bahamas cruise on us.

If you’re Arkansas classic car donation is selected for restoration, there will be no cost to you, but you can receive thousands of dollars in additional benefits. We may even restore your classic car and then enter it into a high-end auction or raffle to increase its overall value potential even further which will increase your fair market value tax deduction! Call today to learn more how Arkansas classic car donation can turn your classic car gem or even that dusty junker into the much-needed proceeds for your favorite charity all while providing you a large tax benefit. Call us seven days a week to get started, at 888-228-7320.

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