Donate Classic car California - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate California classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

California classic car donation -

California is the ultimate classic car state. We have fantastic weather year-round and some of the best scenic highways in the country. Do you own a classic car? Are you ready to give to charity this year? Rather than give cash or clothes (although those donations are great), what about giving your classic car? Save money, give a huge lump sum to charity and be eligible for a huge tax deduction! If you're in a position to give and want to give back to charity in a big way think of California classic car donation with

Build up some good karma and ride the wave of California classic car donation benefits with us! We can offer fast free pick up, usually in less than a week and we are one of the few charity car donations that allow you to deduct appraised fair market value for quality California classic car donations. Only certain classic car donations will qualify, but yours may be next!

The IRS requires a charity to hold a donation for a minimum term to ensure that you receive appraised market value for your California classic car donation. We will hold your classic car for the required term and may even offer restoration opportunities which can greatly increase the value. Impact your favorite charity in a truly unique way with a California classic car donation today. Call now to find out more about other great opportunities available to you the California classic car donor.

With auction partnerships and raffles, you have a unique opportunity to receive more than Market value. Some of our donors have received over double the market value of their California classic car donation at auction when they donated through us Each California classic car donation that we receive is reviewed and considered for our raffle or auction program. Again, we may even offer restoration opportunities at no cost to you to maximize the final market price. Final proceeds will then be transformed into goods and services or maybe even a check for your favorite cause. You in turn, will receive a large fair market value deduction for the final asking price at auction of your California classic car donation. Not every car goes to auction or raffle, but those that do usually realize a much higher than market value final asking price. Our donors can usually gain thousands more than they would if they were to sell on the open market.

Need a little cash in hand? If you have a California classic car, we can offer partial payments on select car donations. If you’re classic car donation qualifies for partial payment, you will receive cash in hand and we will provide a free pickup as well as a donation receipt for the additional market value difference. Receive money in hand while also receiving a tax deduction receipt for later on this year! It’s a fantastic way to win a little now and win a lot later. Plus, our great causes that we support will continue to thrive from your wonderful California classic car donation. Click here or call now to find out more. We have ongoing offers such as vacations and Bahamas cruise giveaways available to qualified California classic car donors.

Donate California Collector Car today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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