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Georgia classic car donation -

The South is known for hot rods and classic cars. Rich history and a deep dedication from its citizens for restoring the classics, makes Georgia a unique hotspot for classic cars. If you have a classic car in Georgia, why not consider donation? A Georgia classic car donation can benefit you and hundreds, if not thousands of individuals and families around the state and around the United States. Your donation provides one lump sum that may sustain a charity for an entire year or more. In return, you can receive a full fair market value tax deduction which you can use to offset next year’s federal taxes owed. When you donate with us we can provide even more. Call today toll free at 888-228-7320 to learn more, or click image to left to fill out our information form.

We offer some great additional benefits like vacation offers and even Bahamas cruise vouchers for select Georgia classic car donation candidates. If you would like to make a Georgia classic car donation and receive some great offers on top of your tax deduction, all you have to do is give us a call. The entire donation is 100% free including the pickup of your classic car donation anywhere in Georgia; usually within under a week. Running or not, we can offer a full fair market value tax deduction at the time of pick up. This allows you to offset next year’s taxes in a huge way. Once we transform your Georgia classic car donation into proceeds for those in need, you’ll be eligible for your vacation and or Bahamas cruise offer. We send the vacation eligibility right out to you; all you have to do is cruise away. Be sure to ask your team member about other current offers that may be available.

Georgia classic car donation is great regardless of the type organization that you give to you (as long as they are reputable of course!) We do offer a bit more though, for each donor that gives with Certain candidates will be offered the entire appraised value of their classic car, which is often much higher than the market value of their Georgia classic car donation. We follow strict IRS guidelines to ensure that you receive the entire appraised value as long as your Georgia classic car donation qualifies. Most all Georgia classic cars meet our prerequisites, so don’t hesitate to ask your team member if this option is available to you. They will in most cases be able to tell you right away if your Georgia classic car donation is eligible for the full appraised value as a tax deduction.

Some select donors may even be offered a free appraisal from a local certified appraiser. This classic car appraiser will meet you and offer a full appraisal which will then be sent to you for tax purposes! We are here to help throughout each step of the donation process. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call anytime. We would be happy to meet with you, transfer all paperwork on-site, and offer free pickup anywhere in the state of Georgia. Call today to learn more about the exciting benefits that a Georgia classic car donation can offer you.

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