Donate Classic car Idaho - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Idaho classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Idaho classic car donation -

Do you live in Idaho and own a classic car? We hope you are doing well enough to own a couple classic cars! Are you aware that your Idaho classic car can be transformed into the help that is needed by thousands around the world? Your classic car can be donated to a charity and then turned into a tax deduction for you. Great tax benefits, as well as one of the largest donations most of us will ever make to charity, all with one simple call. If you are interested in learning more about an Idaho classic car donation, feel free to give us a call at 888-228-7320.

What is the Benefit for Car donation to charity? We offer more than others

Everyone wants to know what the benefits of a classic car donation. A charity can often offer a classic car donor a tax deduction in the market value or sale price, on the open market, of their classic car. When you donate with, you will receive a bit more than the average charity. We offer the opportunity for qualified Idaho classic car donations to receive the full appraised value and in some cases even a free appraisal of their classic car donation. This is an exclusive offer for our clients.

We also offer free pickup with an on-site team member who will handle your entire Idaho classic car donation. The ability to write off the entire appraised value for your item is a huge perk and when coupled with our five star customer service and free pickup from an on-site team, you can’t lose. You can trust that we will maximize your tax deduction value for each Idaho classic car donation you make. Make sure to ask your team member whether or not your Idaho classic car donation qualifies to receive the full appraised value.

How we maximize your Benefits

We also offer great opportunities like local and national raffles, plus great auctions with some of the top auction houses in the nation. Our auction and raffle network is well-established and allows our donors the possibility of receiving a larger than average tax deduction, sometimes one and a half to two times the original market value of their classic car donation. We are the only charity that we know of that offers so many options to our donors for their classic car donation anywhere in Idaho.

When you’re ready to either sell your classic car in Idaho, or just liquidate part of your Idaho classic car collection, we hope you will consider classic car donation with has over 10 years experience, can offer a wide variety of options to our donors to maximize their deduction value, and in some cases can even offer a partial cash payment ( must be pre-qualified) for each Idaho classic car donation you make. Call today to speak with a team member about how Idaho classic car donation can benefit you. You may even qualify for a vacation or Bahamas cruise on us!

Donate Idaho Collector Car today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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