Donate Classic car Illinois - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Illinois classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Illinois classic car donation -

We love Illinois! The residents have been great supporters of! We hope to continue our partnership with Illinois residents and maybe you can even offer your support! We help Illinois classic car owners make the donation of a classic car to our charity, or to another one of the great causes we support! If you’re interested in making a classic car donation to charity, we hope you’ll consider our presidentially recognized charity and our over ten years of experience. We handle your entire donation start to finish and you can start with just one call! Even better, the donation of a classic car is 100% free to you the donor! Call 888-228-7320 today and speak with our helpful team members to learn all of the benefits available to you. Thanks for considering Illinois classic car donation with!

My Tax Deduction

One of the largest tax deductions available to classic car owners is their classic car! You can receive a market value tax deduction when you gift your classic car to charity. Donate with us and receive thousands more for your eligible Illinois classic car donation. When you give with, you’ll be eligible for more than the market value that most charity groups offer. Select Illinois classic car donations will receive the appraised value of their classic car donation, which is above and beyond (in 99% of cases) the original market value. This means that when you give a classic car donation with our charity, you could receive thousands more towards your Illinois classic car tax deduction!

How to receive above Market Value for Car donation to Charity

Strict rules from the IRS apply for donors who wish to claim this additional tax benefit. A charity must abide by the IRS guidelines precisely when handling your donation otherwise you will lose this increased valuation. We have been transforming classic car donations into goods and services for those in need for over ten years; we have helped thousands of donors receive over market value for their classic car donations and we can help you to. (prerequisites apply to be eligible for the appraised value of your classic car donation).

Did we mention that our donors are also offered great packages like vacations and a Bahamas cruise? You could be entered into a raffle for an IPAD giveaway as well! All of this just for making a classic car donation with! Call today to learn more or click above to read vacation package details right on our site! It’s our way of saying thanks for making an Illinois classic car donation with us!

Whether you’re cleaning out the garage and want to clear out your non running classic, or you’re in the mood to liquidate a showroom quality piece in your car collection, we can help you transform your Illinois classic car into care and support for people who are truly in need. Want to learn more about the rules of Illinois classic car donation right from the IRS? Click here to receive a helpful PDF by the IRS.

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