Donate Classic car Indiana - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Indiana classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Indiana classic car donation -

Indiana classic car owners listen up! Rather than selling your classic car, you may want to learn more about making a classic car donation. Avoid the hassles of trying to sell your classic car. Clear out space and remove that old junker in your barn. Consider Indiana classic car donation with, and we will provide great tax deduction incentives regardless of your donation motive. You can benefit families in need, and receive a large tax deduction all with just one call. Contact the team member today or click here to fill out our Indiana classic car donation information form. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and let you know all of the benefits available to you for each classic car donation you make.

Tax Deduction from the IRS- A Big tax gain

The largest benefit that comes to any Indiana classic car donor is the tax deduction benefit you receive. When you decide to make a classic car donation, we will come out to pick up your donation free of charge regardless of where you are located in Indiana (in most cases). With just one call, our agents will schedule a time to come out on-site to review your donation and oversee the entire transfer. At the same time they will give you a donation form which will make you eligible for a full fair market value tax deduction for each classic car you donate. Your classic car tax deduction will be based on the final proceeds received from your gift to charity.

Special Classic Cars are offered The Largest tax deductions

If your Indiana classic car donation qualifies, it may be eligible to receive far more than market value. This can mean thousands more for you as a tax deduction which can offset your federal taxes next year and over several consecutive years thereafter. We achieve this higher than market value deduction for our clients through our great network of auction houses and nationwide charity raffles. After careful inspection, and in some cases restoration your Indiana classic car donation, it will be scheduled for an auction or nationwide / worldwide charity raffle. These high end auction events can often bring 1 ½, two times and in some cases even triple the original market value of your Indiana classic car donation. We try to offer each Indiana classic car donor numerous ways to maximize their federal tax deduction for each Indiana classic car donation they make. We are here to serve you the donor because without your generosity our services would not be in existence.

There is an even further opportunity to increase your classic / custom cars tax deduction potential that is exclusive to Indiana classic car donors who donate through us Eligible classic car donations can receive full appraised value for their donation. The IRS stipulates that a classic car donor can only receive appraised value if the charity adheres to strict guidelines while handling the classic car donation. This includes holding the donation for a minimum three-year term. If your donation meets our prerequisites we will hold it for the required three-year term as set forth by the IRS. We all know that appraised value can often be well over what you would receive on the open market for your donation. This in turn can mean quite a significant increase in your tax deduction value which you will receive from us for your Indiana classic car donation. Call today to learn every benefit available to you including vacation offers and the Bahamas cruise for every donation made over $500 in value!

When you’re ready to make a difference with your Indiana classic car donation, we are ready to help. We are here to serve you the donor because you make a difference and help support our organization year after year. Without you, we would not be able to continue our services, and we can’t thank you enough for considering Indiana classic car donation with us at

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