Donate Classic car Maryland - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Maryland classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Maryland classic car donation -

Are you interested in making a difference for your favorite community cause? We’re glad you’ve come by our website because we feel we can offer Maryland classic car donors the most out of any other charity. If you’re interested in making a difference through Maryland classic car donation, we’re number one in the business of maximizing your benefits. We can help process any Maryland classic car donation transforming your car into the much-needed proceeds for our great causes around the world. Your donation can also provide you the donor, a full fair market value tax deduction! If you’re expecting to owe taxes this year or in the next few years, you may have a way to offset them with your classic car donation through us

We are IRS certified and able to give away the highest available year-over-year percentage for each classic car donation you make. We even have raffle opportunities and the ability to allow you to write off your entire appraised value above the usual market value tax deduction that most receive. Come learn why we are number one in Maryland classic car donation. Call today at 888-228-7320 to learn more from one of our helpful team members.

Donation to charity is no longer a one-way street. Nowadays, the IRS is offering serious tax incentives for donors who are willing to give cars, boats, and other items to charity. In most cases, the IRS will allow you to write off the entire fair market value of your donation come tax time.

How’s it all work? When you donate with, we’ll send out a team member to handle the entire donation process at your location. You receive a contribution form which will then make you eligible for this full fair market value tax deduction that the IRS allows. Your donation will then be sold and the proceeds used to benefit our IRS certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit and other great charity groups around the world. Click here to learn about some of our great charity works and some of the other great causes we support. Don’t see your favorite cause? Let us know. We will contact them and set up the donation so that you can send proceeds directly to them. We are here to make your wishes come true. One call is all you have to make. We’ll handle the entire donation process from there including all paperwork; making you fully eligible for a fair market value tax deduction.

Market value or appraised value does your donation qualify?

99% of charitable organizations that accept Maryland classic car donations will offer a full fair market value tax deduction. This is great! It’s a great way to write off a significant amount on taxes. When you donate with us at, qualified classic car donors will be eligible for the appraised value of their classic car donation above and beyond the market value that others may offer. How are we able to offer this above and beyond valuation as a tax deduction? We are a well established organization who is fully trained to adhere to all IRS guidelines set forth to qualify you for the full appraised value over market value of your classic car donation. What this means is that we are able to guarantee that we will hold your donation for the IRS required three-year term, which will ensure your eligibility for the full appraised value of your Maryland classic car donation; simple as that! Many charities are not as well structured as we are, and thus cannot offer these additional options to donors. We are the difference when it comes to Maryland classic car donation, and we can donate your Maryland classic car running or not (99% of the time) to your favorite cause. Call today to learn more benefits like vacations and even a Bahamas cruise available to all Maryland classic car donors who donate a classic car over $500 in value. offers more than any other charitable organization to our donors because after all, you are our support and you deserve it!

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