Donate Classic car Michigan - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Michigan classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Michigan classic car donation -

Michigan is one of the few states where you can have a double benefit from a classic car donation, while still giving a large lump sum to charity. At, it is our goal to help you maximize your entire classic car donation for both you and your favorite charity. In Michigan you have a unique opportunity to benefit at the state level and federal level on your taxes. You can receive a tax credit at both the state and federal level for each Michigan classic car donation you make. Call today at 888-228-7320 to learn more about this unique opportunity and how you can transform your classic car, running or not, into much-needed resources for your favorite cause.

A tax deduction is wonderful, and every Michigan classic car donation is eligible. Running or not, you’ll be eligible for a minimum $500 tax deduction on the federal level. In most cases you can write off even more than $500, all the way up to the full fair market value of your classic car. This means you may be able to receive thousands as a tax deduction. If you donate with our organization, we can help you donate to a Michigan qualified charity which will allow you to deduct at the state and federal level. The state allows you to deduct up to $100 for each car donation you make (further rules apply) while also receiving a market value tax deduction on the federal level. Every little bit counts!

As a presidentially recognized 501(c)(3) charity, we are fully qualified to process your entire Michigan classic car donation anywhere in the state. In fact, we offer free pickup throughout all the 50 states including parts of Canada and Mexico. The entire donation process is free to you! But we don’t stop with free pickup and a large tax deduction, because after all, our job is to maximize your tax deduction! If you’re Michigan classic car donation meet certain requirements, we will show you how you can deduct the full appraised value of your donation instead of the market value that would normally be offered. Contact your team member today to learn how you may be able to receive full appraised value for each Michigan classic car donation you make.

When you’re ready to give back and /or you would just like some free space in the garage or in the back lot, give us a call! is the largest charity classic car donation in the United States. Our coverage area is unmatched and even if you have been denied by another organization, you may still be eligible to donate with us. Give your classic car donation and transform it into the proceeds that your favorite Michigan charity deserves. Remember, Michigan offers a unique opportunity to double down and receive both a state and federal tax credit for each Michigan classic car you donate. Contact your team member today to learn more.

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