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Thanks for stopping by our site! We’re number one in Minnesota classic car donation and we would like to help you make your next classic car donation the easiest donation you make all year. Our nonprofit is a 501(c)(3) IRS certified nonprofit. We work with other great causes around the world as well, so you’re sure to find a wonderful cause to donate your classic car donation to. Remember that your Minnesota classic car donation can make a huge impact for your favorite charity and can offer you a great tax deduction on next year’s taxes! We’re here to help so contact us any time. A team member from is standing by to answer all of your questions.

In certain cases you may be able to receive the full appraised value of your Minnesota classic car donation!

Classic car donation is free throughout Minnesota and offers a significant tax benefit for you the donor. In certain cases you may be able to receive the full appraised value of your Minnesota classic car donation! Now a tax benefit is great, but to receive full appraised value is unique. This can often mean thousands of dollars as an additional tax deduction for you. Ask your team member today if you qualify for the appraised value tax deduction of your Minnesota classic car donation. In many cases, we can even provide a certified local appraiser for you free of charge. Call today or click here to learn more.

If we stopped here, we’d already be offering much more than many charitable organizations offer their classic car donors but there is still more available to you!

We are always looking for new ways for you to benefit from a classic car donation. If you’re classic car donation in Minnesota qualifies, it may be eligible for restoration or even a complete overhaul bringing it back to original quality. From there we have great auction and charity raffle programs that could bring in one and a half to two times your original market value. If we overhaul your complete donation, this can bring in 5 to 10 times your original market value. We are a well-established presidentially recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit which is why we are able to offer such a substantial program to our Minnesota classic car donors. If you’re interested simply let your team member know that you would like to be reviewed for this program. Don’t worry though, if you forget; we review every Minnesota classic car donation to make sure we are maximizing its potential value for you the donor!

When you’re ready to make a difference with your Minnesota classic car donation, give us a call. has been processing Minnesota classic car donations for over 10 years; always offering complete free pickup by a professional on-site agent who will handle your entire donation process and offer a same day charitable contribution form. Don’t wait in the mail or hassle with downloading your forms on a website. We have an on-site agent oversee your entire donation and provide your donation form right then and there. We’ll make sure Minnesota classic car donation is the easiest donation you make to charity this year!

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