Donate Classic car Mississippi - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate Mississippi classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

Mississippi classic car donation -

Welcome to our website Mississippi. We appreciate you thinking about those in need by considering Mississippi classic car donation. We are and we are number one in Mississippi classic car donation. We would like to help you transform your Mississippi classic car into the funds that will provide support for our great causes for years to come. We are a 501(c)(3) IRS certified nonprofit fully eligible to take in Mississippi classic car donations. We can also offer you a large tax deduction plus other great incentives like a vacation or even a Bahamas cruise! If you’re interested in learning more or if you’re ready to make a Mississippi classic car donation call our team members today at 888-228-7320. The call is free and the donation is 100% free.

Our helpful team members will walk you through the entire process of classic car donation. Regardless of location we will come out to you and handle all paperwork on-site while overseeing the entire donation personally. We believe face-to-face interaction is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We also provide you an instant receipt, which makes you eligible for your full fair market value tax deduction.

We may even go as far as to offer you a full appraisal for your Mississippi classic car donation. Not every classic car qualifies, but for those that do, you may be able to write off the entire appraised value of your classic car. This could be a significant increase from your original market value tax deduction. Would you like to learn if you’re Mississippi classic car donation qualifies for free appraisal and a full appraisal value tax deduction? Call today to learn how our IRS certified charity can help you make a huge difference.

Do you have a Mississippi classic car donation that needs a little work; maybe it needs a lot of work? is unique because we offer refurbishing and even full overhaul programs for certain Mississippi classic car donations. Make a classic car donation with us and you may be eligible for a complete overhaul of your donation. Once the overhaul is complete, your classic car donation should be back to showroom finish. We then have networks of established high-end auction houses and worldwide charity raffles to maximize your overall donation value. hese networks can bring in several times over the original market value of your Mississippi classic car donation. This means that when tax time rolls around, you could have thousands of additional dollars in tax “credit” for each classic car donation you make. Most car donation organizations will not offer refurbishing programs and are not established enough to provide auction and raffle opportunities to their classic car donors. Donate with and enjoy these benefits and more for each Mississippi classic car donation you make.

Did we forget to mention that you may receive a Bahamas cruise just for making a classic car donation? Well it’s true. Each Mississippi classic car donation made with us will be eligible for a vacation voucher and/or Bahamas cruise. All you have to do is make a donation over $500 in value and that’s it! Your eligible; we’ll send your vacation voucher or Bahamas cruise voucher out to you via mail. Call today to learn more. Your team member will be happy to explain this as well as other current offers available to each Mississippi classic car donor.

Donate Mississippi Collector Car today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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