Donate Classic car New Hampshire - Much easier than selling! Collector Car donations. Donate New Hampshire classic car - fair market value tax deduction plus free towing anywhere in the state! Donate collector car to charity today!

New Hampshire classic car donation -

From Nashua to Concorde, Salem to Dover, we cover the entire state of New Hampshire when it comes to classic car donation to charity. We offer each donor a completely free way to transform their New Hampshire classic car, or as many classic cars as they’d like, and donate to their favorite charitable cause! You can even donate directly to our 501(c)(3) charity! Click here to check out some of our great works. We are just a phone call away to begin the easiest donation you’ll make this year! Call today to learn more about how New Hampshire classic car donation with us at It can be the biggest difference you make this year, so call toll free at 888-228-7320!

We really want to help you gain as much as possible for each classic car donation you
make. We offer the maximum tax deduction allowed for every classic car donation. This means the maximum proceeds possible for charity! It’s a win-win situation. Running or not, your New Hampshire classic car donation can receive a tax deduction for its market value. There is
even a minimum $500 tax deduction you can receive for any car donation you make,
running or not.

Would you like above market value for your classic car donation? In certain cases, appraised value can be offered to a New Hampshire resident for their classic car donation. Please contact a team member to find out more. Keep in mind that your classic car does not have to be running to qualify for the full appraised value program. Often times we can even send out a certified appraiser to provide an on-site appraisal of your classic car, which will then be sent to you for tax filing.

We adhere to all IRS laws, including the minimum three-year term rule requiring a charity to hold your classic car until we receive full appraised value or the three-year deadline is reached. No other charity that we know of will offer this sort of guarantee to qualified New Hampshire classic car donors for their gift to charity. We truly would like to help you the donor gain as much as you can for each New Hampshire classic car donation you make. Donate with us and receive the maximum tax deduction allowed while providing the maximum benefit to great causes around the world. Call today at 888-228-7320 to learn more.

Did we mention most New Hampshire classic car donations are also eligible for a Bahamas cruise or vacation voucher to some great tourist hotspots around the United States? That’s right! If your New Hampshire classic car donation meets the minimum market value of $500, you’ll receive a vacation voucher and or Bahamas cruise voucher on us. It’s as simple as that, with no strings attached. Clear out some space in the garage or barn and take a vacation on us, all with one simple call.

If you have questions, we would like to help you learn as much as possible about how classic car donation anywhere New Hampshire can be a huge benefit not only for charity, but for you as well. Call today or click here to learn more about New Hampshire classic car donation with

Donate New Hampshire Collector Car today! Questions? Call 888-228-7320

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