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Texas classic car donation -

Everything’s bigger in Texas! That includes charitable giving. Texas is a wonderful state and one of the highest dollar for dollar charitable giving states out of the lower 48; heck out of all 50! We love Texas at Online Car Donation .com because they have provided great support for our 501(c)(3) IRS certified nonprofit, and other great causes that Online Car Donation .com supports. It is a commendable decision and can provide lasting support for your favorite cause. It is fast, fun, and 100% free to you. Learn more by reading on or giving us a call today.

Texas classic car donation can be one of the biggest donations you’ll ever make to charity and we’d like to help you maximize every advantage possible to you.

Our customer service team members will answer all of your questions via e-mail, over the phone, or even live chat on our website. Online Car Donation .com has made it as easy as possible for you to make a classic / collector car donation. Once we answer all of your questions, we will schedule an appointment for a transport field agent to give you a call. The transport field agent will then handle your entire Texas classic car donation with pick up happening in usually less than a week. Let us know if you need things done sooner and we will do our best to accommodate. On the day of pick up, a team member will come out to your location and transfer all titled paperwork with you. This will relieve you of any further registration or responsibility for your classic car. You will also be given a contribution form that same day. This will be your “receipt” for your classic car donation and will make you fully eligible for a fair market value tax deduction. We guarantee to review your entire classic car donation and do our best to maximize the IRS federal tax deduction value that you will receive.

Select classic car donations in Texas will be offered full appraised value instead of market value. This additional benefit can mean thousands more as a tax deduction for you the donor. Why the increase? The IRS states that a charity must handle your donation in a certain way if they wish to offer you the full appraised value for your classic car. We follow these IRS rules for qualified donations including holding your classic car donation for the minimum three-year term stated by the IRS. We are the only charitable organization that we know of offering appraisal value alternatives for Texas classic car donations. We try to give you, the donor, as many options as possible to maximize your donation.

Does your donation need a bit of repair? We offer repair and in some cases, even full overhaul of qualified Texas classic car donations. You, as a donor, have the benefit of never paying any out-of-pocket expense while watching us restore your classic car to original quality. Once restored, your donation can reap 3 to 4 times the original market value. This can mean a large increase in what would otherwise be a dismal tax deduction. Come find out why Online Car Donation .com has the most repeat classic car donors in and around Texas.

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