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Virginia classic car donation -

Would you like to put a new roof on a church in your community? Would you like to provide food and shelter for families in need? Have you ever thought about instead of cash, giving a classic car or custom car as a donation? Online Car Donation .com is the leader in Virginia classic car donation, and we would like to show you what a difference it can make to donate a classic car instead of cash. While our charity and many charities around the world would love cash, the average individual and/or family is not able to give thousands of dollars each year to charity. If you own a car, classic car or even a custom build you may be able to give thousands to charity through classic car donation. Everything starts with just one call and the donation is 100% free. Contact a team member today at Online Car Donation .com or click here to fill out our inquiry form.

Tax Benefits for Classic Car Donation to Charity

Virginia classic car donation can be a fun experience. It can also be very rewarding for both you and the beneficiaries of your classic car donation. The IRS offers you a large tax deduction in the fair market value of your classic car donation. Online Car Donation .com will provide completely free pickup and on-site transfer of all titled paperwork, completing the entire donation on-site. You will also be offered a contribution form that same day, which will make you eligible for the IRS federal tax deduction.

Our professional team members are experienced in maximizing tax deductions for our donors. Your classic car will be reviewed top to bottom to ensure we do everything possible to guarantee that you’re receiving the maximum allowed federal tax deduction available. Remember we are here to help and would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Receive Appraised value for Classic Car Donation

There are some classic car donations in Virginia that will be eligible for a full appraised value tax deduction. This means that instead of receiving the market value, you can receive a full appraised value for your classic car. Certain rules apply set forth by the IRS and we are more than willing to guarantee that we will follow each rule. We are the only charitable organization that is willing to go this extra step for our donors. If your classic car qualifies, you may be eligible for thousands more than market value in the form of an appraised value tax deduction. Make sure to ask your team member if your donation qualifies for our appraised value tax deduction program.

Did we mention you may be able to take a vacation on us? We even offer a Bahamas cruise, and other great giveaways like iPads. When you’re ready to make a difference in a big big big way, give us a call. Online Car Donation .com will help Virginia classic car donors donate to charity with just one call. We will take care of all paperwork and even offer great partner incentives like vacations and cruise giveaways. Maximizing your benefits for each Virginia classic car donation you make is our number one goal. Call today to learn more or click here to read our FAQ page.

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